We devote these pages to many children who are tried by suffering, children who are most dear to the Heart of the Father, so that they may find in the example of other little brothers and sisters the strength to offer their crucified innocence:

Theo Mosh.«I met Theo for the first time along the road to the Capuchins, at San Giovanni Rotondo. It was a strange encounter, filled only with smiles…»





Nennolina Meo. «Pain is like cloth: the stronger it is, the more value it has» On the lips of a 5-year-old this kind of expression is sufficient to express what a long way she has come…






Laurita Degan. «During the night between the 9th and 10th of September we heard you talking in a whisper. You were saying: «Yes, O.K, I understand, O.K». To mother who asked who you were talking to, you answered that Baby Jesus and Mother Mary were sitting next to you and they were caressing your forehead, because you were in so much pain…»




Memena Cetrullo. «Mommy, I thought dying was so awful, instead it’s so beautiful», were her last words…






Stephen Tacconelli. «Stephen, offer your suffering to Jesus!» «Mommy, how can I offer Jesus even my suffering when He already suffered so much for us? »