The Prayer Nests are made up of children who, following the example of the three Shepherd children of Fatima, get together to say the Rosary and, where possible, to adore Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament.

Why is the word “nest” used?
What is a nest? It is a place where little birds are nourished and taken care of by their parents until they put on wings and are able to fly and provide for their own survival.

The example of the birds introduces us to the delicate and precious world of children who must receive help from their parents and educators in order to “grow and become stronger in spirit” (Lk 1,80) so that they can be free to fly in God’s kingdom.

At the same time the “nest” is a fountain, from which flows the “omnipotent” prayer of children who implore mercy for sinners and the fulfilment of the reign of love which we ask for each day in the Our Father.

How is a Prayer Nest formed?

Just like birds build a nest, by putting one blade of straw on top of each other, starting all over if it is destroyed by the wind or a storm.

The first blade of straw is therefore the patient and persevering will of the person taking the initiative. The second one is motivating the children by helping them understand how important their prayer is, since at Fatima St. Michael the Archangel and the Virgin Mary asked the children themselves for prayers. Other blades of straw are the determination and firmness of parents and teachers united to the concrete example with which they live these moments of prayer.

The Armata Bianca offers its over thirty years of experience to families, parishes, schools and whoever has the desire to make children pray for the salvation of the world.

Anyone can form Children’s Prayer Nests, but you need patience and perseverance; moreover, the results depend on the conviction and above all the Love and faith of whoever takes this initiative: Gaby Ramirez, a brilliant grandmother from Monterrey (Mexico), in spite of physical problems, has organized Children’s Prayer Nests in 30 parishes of her city.
Remember that all of God’s works have a price: caring for the spiritual growth of children is absolutely the most precious and therefore it’s natural that we have to overcome a few difficulties.

Children’s Prayer Nests can be formed in many places and in many ways, but the most natural and suitable ones are families, churches and schools. Even when children gather where the Most Holy Sacrament isn’t present, Jesus is still present in their midst: “…where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst” (Mt 18,19).

May whoever feels in their heart the urgency of this invitation commit themselves to forming Children’s Prayer Nests anywhere and in any way: in paediatric wards in hospitals; in front of shrines dedicated to Our Lady; in sports stadiums; wherever the angels will suggest one.

NOTE! We address a special invitation to those who have access to radio stations or private TV stations: why not form a Prayer Nest in a weekly program?