The creation of “heaven”: the Angels

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1,1): “In the beginning” (when nothing existed yet) “God created” (God made from nothing) “the heavens” (the spiritual world) and “the earth” (the material world), that is, everything that exists.
What does “the heavens” mean then? Not the material heaven, that is, the firmament with all its countless stars, because the creation of these is mentioned later on (Gen 1,8), but rather the spiritual heaven in which the angels make up the “stars” (Rev 12,4). “Heaven” is also the place where God lives with the spiritual creatures He created, precisely the angels. For now we will merely give a few explanations about their origin, nature, function and their relationship with us and with creation. In a good way and in a bad way, because there are angels of light and angels of darkness…

The Angels

Do angels really exist? What does the word “angel” mean? What do they look like? Where do they live? Do they have wings? Why do we say that they’re “our brothers”? Do each one of us really have a guardian angel? What is the guardian angel’s job? These are some of the numerous questions we are asked when we talk about them. We will deal with the topic on this page. In order to gain knowledge about the angels, the first reference is Holy Scriptures. The Old Testament is all intertwined with angels, right from the first verse. Even the New Testament, which is the continuation of the Old Testament, begins with the Angel Gabriel who invites Mary to offer herself to God to allow Him to become Man and begin His redemption, that is, the new creation. Once again, the angels are the main characters of the last Book of Scriptures, Revelation.

For now, let’s come into contact with these brothers of ours in heaven by introducing the comments which Father Michele Prader made on the three apparitions of the Angel to the three children of Fatima.