The Holy Father John Paul II has many times manifested his faith in the action of the Spirit of children:


"There will be apostles among the children”

«(…) Love is Jesus’ esteem for children, they are a light for the Church, which imitates its founder. It can only welcome children just as He welcomed them (…). The presence of children in the Church is a gift even for us adults (…). The Church has a great zeal for the Christian formation of children, which often is not guaranteed enough. (…) From a psychological and pedagogical point of view, it is known that a child begins to pray easily and willingly when he is stimulated, as the experience of many parents, educators, catechists and friends demonstrates. The family and the school must be continually reminded about their responsibility in this regard. The Church urges parents and educators to look after the formation of children in sacramental life, especially in the practice of the sacrament of forgiveness and the participation of the Eucharistic celebration. (…) In this catechesis addressed to for the “apostolate of laity”, it is instinctive to conclude with an incisive expression of my predecessor St. Pius X. In explaining the motivations for anticipating the age of First Communion, he said: “There will be saints among the children”. And there actually have been saints. But we can now add: “There will be apostles among the children”. Let us pray so that this prediction, this auspice may come true ever more, as St. Pius X’s came true.» (Speech given to the general audience on August 17, 1994)

"Dear children, I entrust to you the prayer for peace"

- «Dear children (…) How important children are in the eyes of Jesus! We could even say that the Gospel is full of the truth about children. The whole of the Gospel could actually be read as the "Gospel of children". What does it mean that "unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven"? Is not Jesus pointing to children as models even for grown-ups? In children there is something that must never be missing in people who want to enter the kingdom of heaven. (…)For how many children in the history of the Church has the Eucharist been a source of spiritual strength, sometimes even heroic strength! (…) It is absolutely true: Jesus and his Mother often choose children and give them important tasks for the life of the Church and of humanity. (…)He eagerly awaits their prayers. What enormous power the prayer of children has! This becomes a model for grown-ups themselves: praying with simple and complete trust means praying as children pray. (…)dear young friends, it is to your prayers that I want to entrust the problems of your own families and of all the families in the world. And not only this: I also have other intentions to ask you to pray for. The Pope counts very much on your prayers. We must pray together and pray hard, that humanity, made up of billions of human beings, may become more and more the family of God and able to live in peace. (…)I decided to ask you, dear boys and girls, to take upon yourselves the duty of praying for peace. You know this well: love and harmony build peace, hatred and violence destroy it. You instinctively turn away from hatred and are attracted by love: for this reason the Pope is certain that you will not refuse his request, but that you will join in his prayer for peace in the world with the same enthusiasm with which you pray for peace and harmony in your own families» ("Letter of The Pope John Paul II to Children",13 December 1994)


The children of today, the new evangelizers

«(…)Today the Church entrusts the mission of evangelization in a special way to children.(…) The missionary support of children is precious for so many missionaries, faithful to the mandate of Christ, who work for the propagation of the faith to the ends of the earth. Our grateful thought and constant prayer to the Lord goes to each one of these fearless evangelizers. » (Angelus Sunday, 6 January 2002)