The aim of Armata Bianca is to invite children to offer themselves to God and pray the Rosary so that Mary’s promise at Fatima may be fulfilled: «In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. I promise an era of Peace for humanity».

However, we cannot speak about peace and put aside respect for life. «Life is God’s greatest gift (…) the greatest destroyer of peace in the world is abortion. If a mother can kill her own child in the crib of her womb, who will be able to stop you and me from killing each other?». (Mother Theresa of Calcutta)

The Armata Bianca couldn’t abandon the smallest among children and, to “stop the slaughter of abortion” – a term used by John Paul II – it is helping to bury babies who are killed in hospitals. For this purpose it has instituted a specific association: “Armata Bianca’s Pro-Life Movement” which in 1989, for the first time in the world, buried babies, the victims of abortion, in the cemetery of Aquila.


What are our resolutions?

  • To remind man that Life begins at the moment of conception.
  • To establish a new antiabortion mentality by making people reflect on the true reality of abortion: burial = corpse = murder.
  • To place a statue in every cemetery in order to create a shrine where we can give these little brothers flowers and prayers, “a margin of dignity” which may give peace and honour to unborn children and give us the chance to make ourselves aware of the most absurd crime one can commit, which today has become a way of life.
  • To stem the culture of death which is continuously increasing, by reviving in consciences, blinded by incorrect information, the Commandment “DO NOT KILL”: “Surely I will require your lifeblood; from every beast I will require it. And from every man, from every man’s brother I will require the life of man” (Gen 9:5).