A declaration by Dr. Maurizio Checa, the President of the Armata Bianca Pro-Life Movement in Mexico who, together with Dr. Armando Ruiz Galindo, realized the monument dedicated to Unborn Children in Metepec, on the origin of the extraordinary picture:



“Dear friends of Armata Bianca,

During the days that preceded the feast of the Virgin of Guadeloupe in 2003, Father Andrea D’Ascanio and Father Giovanni Antonucci celebrated Mass numerous times in the Basilica of Tepeyac in Mexico City so that the Virgin of Life might help them in their battle against abortion which they have been fighting for years.

After the Eucharistic Celebration offered for the children victims of abortion, I asked the Virgin what she desired of the Armata Bianca and how we could serve her. Instinctively I felt driven to take a picture of Her image, repeating my question to her.

When the picture was developed we saw a white light in the Virgin’s womb. We discovered that the light didn’t come from any reflection and besides being a white, pure and intense light it had the shape of an embryo with a halo around it.

It was the “unborn” Christ who became present: the Virgin wanted to show us Her Little Son Jesus so that we would adore Him through Her as true man and true God right in her womb and thus witness that man is man from the moment of conception.

Presenting herself as a tabernacle of Christ, she wanted to remind us that her Son is with her in silence, as those children who in their mothers’ womb will be murdered by ignorance in silence.

Jesus tells us: “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did it for me”. We must defend our neighbour’s life from conception to death as Mary guarded her Child Jesus and was united to Him from His conception to Calvary, to the resurrection, to eternal life.



The engineer Luis Girault of Mexico confirmed that the negative of the photo wasn’t modified and that the light doesn’t come from any reflection, but comes from inside the image of the Virgin of Guadeloupe.