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We have received countless testimonials from all over the world on behalf of those who, after reading the Message, have finally “discovered” the tender Face of the Father. We include only some of them, whoever believes can send us their testimony.


Every day I meditate on “The Father speaks to His children”, but in 20 days I have only meditated on a few pages, because every word becomes a prayer. I have encountered the Father and I am happy about it. I want to become the missionary of His Fatherhood: it is easy for me to say something about Him to all the people I talk to. Without being pedantic or fanatic, it takes so little to say that we have a Father who loves us, who wants to be loved by us. I have discovered that He is not known a lot and that nobody turns to Him directly with confidence. Yes, it’s true, we recite the Our Father, but who thinks that with those words we communicate directly with Him? For me, even the Our Father has acquired a new aspect, every day new views of His Fatherhood are opened up. I would like to shout out the joy of my discovery to everyone. I recite the prayer: “My Father, good Father, I offer myself to You, I give myself to You” many times during the day, and it’s a way of speaking with Him that lives in me. T.E. – Rome

Few of the books I have read contain a message of such a great love and have made me feel that God is truly my “Daddy” par excellence. I am sure you understand me and I promise to pray for your great apostolate.
In the Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary I embrace you all fraternally. L.R. – Freising (D)

By God’s will I am the leader of a charismatic Renewal in the Spirit group in our church. I had the joy, since I am in love with the Trinity, of reading the wonderful message that the heavenly Father has given and wants to make known among His children. The Holy Spirit had already given me the fire of Love for the Heavenly Father and the purpose and dream of my life is that many others like me and more than me may fall in love with the Father! My aim and the dream of these earthly times is precisely this: to put hearts on fire with love for the Father so that on earth there may be true adorers who may be His consolation and His joy. A.S. – Nocera (SA)

I am a student who is terminating her studies. About two years ago I had the chance to read the booklet of the Father’s Message and only then, after so many years, did I feel the infinite love which the Father has for each one of us. I cried with joy in reading His words and so it was natural to start loving Him. Since then this love has continued to grow and spread in my family, among my brothers and in the hospital where I study. S.C. – Imola (BO)

My dearest ones, a few months ago the booklet “The Father speaks to His children” happened to fall into my hands; it is wonderful, I read it over and over again, it’s the most beautiful book I have ever read, it has allowed me to get to know the Father. S.P. – Grado (GO)

My dearest Father D’Ascanio, providentially the book you edited “The Father speaks to His Children” came into my hands. It was indeed a true discovery for me! I had read a few messages of the Father, but not so “intense”, urgent and tender. For many years I have been going to a parish near Naples, on the Sunday after Pentecost, to give a homily on the Father! This year I will have plenty of material to speak about our tender heavenly Father who I confidentially call “Papà-Babbuccio mio!” Sac. V.Z. – Caserta

For a few weeks I have had the pleasure of reading the book “The Father speaks to His children” and from that moment on I have felt a more natural and spontaneous feeling of love towards the Good and Merciful Father and as a consequence a greater respect and love towards my neighbour. The main thing that has struck the depths of my heart was that the Father comes to us in the power of Humility as a true Father and not as a master. From this more intimate relationship comes a purer and more sincere Love. After reading the book I felt the need to let others know about this infinite treasure of joy, so I made photocopies of the book and gave them to some of my friends. E.F. – Ascoli Piceno

I have just read the wonderful booklet “The Father speaks to His children” and I was literally fascinated and enlightened by the revelations contained in it, so great is my joy that I can’t stop from writing you to express my thanks for the work you are accomplishing. This booklet is a real spiritual bomb that we Christians and Catholics can use to evangelize and convert many young and old people who are far from the Church and also to stir up the lukewarm. The so direct and simple revelations cannot leave one indifferent: the Love of God the Father is too shining and clear. I congratulate you on your work of apostolate. Sincerely yours, M.V. – Udine

Dear friends, God’s providence has allowed me to read this marvellous message which lets me finally completely understand the Person of the Father. A good, tender and loving Father as I perceived Him at times on my journey of faith, but with so many doubts and uncertainties which obscured His figure in me. This book has filled my heart with joy and allows me to understand that I have a Father who created me and who I can turn to with confidence, calling Him precisely Father. I have the desire to spread this book, this message of God the Father in the area where I live, in my parish, among my relatives and friends, etc. How can I truly help spread this message? I would be very happy to put myself at the service of this work, by helping the Father so that all may know His revelation and the immense love He has for the whole world. I am sure I will meet a lot of difficulties, but with God’s help I can do everything. R.A. Montemurlo (FI)

I apologize for the way I introduce myself. I am a young inmate at the District Penitentiary of Agrigento. Six months ago, thanks to the Pastor of this prison, I received a booklet with a red cover “The Father speaks to His children”. From the first time I read it, a strong change in my spiritual life has taken place and I continue to say: “Thank you, oh my God!” I am writing you this short letter because I would like to receive, if possible, the image portrayed on the cover of this booklet, one or two, if it’s not too much trouble and if it is possible. Thank you. C.G. – Agrigento

My dearest Father Andrea, having had the opportunity to go to Kenya, I thought that there was no better occasion to spread the Armata Bianca and God the Father’s love even in Africa. So I brought along a suitcase full of books and pictures. It was truly an unexpected success. Here and there I spread the message of God the Father in English, and the greatest joy came from the parish of Rumuruti, where there is a very large and very harsh prison. On the last evening a nun called me to say that one of the catechists had already distributed the books to the prisoners who had accepted them with much enthusiasm. Now, with the rosaries we left them, he will form prayer groups there too. I thank God and Our Lady for giving me these great gifts and using me as Their instrument. Wherever they will want to send me, I am willing as long as I am able to serve. M.R. – Schio (VI)

A very beautiful “phenomenon” happened to me while I was reading the wonderful Message of the Father: at a certain point I experienced an intense joy I had never experienced before. It’s difficult to express what I felt, but I can assure that it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life, perhaps the most beautiful. Perhaps it was a tiny mystical moment, a special emotion, something mysterious which invaded my whole being. It is a small, sincere testimony of what that most consoling and most precious Message can bring forth in a soul! In gratitude for this small but pleasing gift from Heaven, I have been reciting the litanies of the Father and other prayers dedicated to Him. R.C. – Robbio (PV)

Before reading “The Father speaks to His children” I had discovered inside of me something about the Father and after reading the Gospel over and over again I said to myself (I am about to say a heresy): “The Father has loved me almost more than His Son!” The Father seemed so neglected! After reading the Father’s Message, your magazine and the Message of Fatima, Mary’s words: “Console your afflicted Father!” were so impressed on my soul that I think about Him in every moment and everything He asks of me seems so little… I am very interested in everything that refers to the Father because I couldn’t live without Him, my soul feels this need and can’t do without Him. Your magazines and books help me to live the “dreadful events of every day”… I asked those who preach at retreats and other scholars to speak to us about the Father because I feel that in the Gospel Jesus makes an urgent invitation to make the Father known to us; they answered me that this is a subject which hasn’t been studied in depth yet, or that the whole worship, Holy Mass, etc. is addressed to Him. Excuse me for writing to you, but I wanted to thank you for the way you speak about the Father and encourage you for what you are doing. I pray for you very much, especially when I receive Jesus in  His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. I send you my best regards, let us meet each other in the Heart of the Father. A small barefoot Carmelite nun

My dearest Father Andrea, I read “The Father speaks to His children” with a special interest and enthusiasm and I would like to distribute this wonderful Message to others. Truly God is Father. More than a year ago I was in bed with a very high fever, but I suffered, not because of the fever, but because I was unable to say: “Lord, I love You”, since I saw in those words, distorted by humanity, the affection that existed between my husband and I and nothing else. That night I prayed to the Lord so that He might help me to tell Him “I love You”. At a certain point, I don’t know if it was inside me, in a dream or something else, but it doesn’t matter, the Lord God opened my arms and I was standing in front of Him as a child. He said to me “Love Me like a Father”, then He embraced me and I felt an indescribable love and warmth. Now I’m not afraid anymore and I love God the Father and I feel that He is truly my Father. God is full of graces, in fact, with that embrace He wanted to restore peace with my earthly father as well and He freed me from the obstacles which prevented me from embracing my father because of old grudges and incomprehensions. I would like to shout my thanks to my Father and Mother, begging them never to abandon us little prodigal sons. I hope I can meet you soon, I would like to come and visit you, if possible. Bless us always. M.G. – Rome

My dear ones, I was very impressed by reading the Father’s Message “The Father speaks to His children”. I have always felt a special attraction for the First Person of the Holy Trinity, but it seemed like I was offending Jesus, by dedicating my love only to the Father. This Message has given me great light and now I would like to commit myself to make the Father “known, loved and honoured”, beginning with myself. I will try to feel that I am constantly before His eyes of Love and to do everything with Him, for Him and in Him. Best regards for a new year full of fruits of the apostolate. Thank you. G.C. – Turin

Dear Sirs, I have come to you to thank you for spreading the Father’s Love. I have read the booklet “The Father speaks to His children” over and over again. It was as if I found something that was missing in my faith. I am happy to have a Father who loves me with so great a Love that amazes me. O.M. – Biella

My dearest Father Andrea, today is a very important day because we celebrate our Saint Francis; I would like to take the opportunity to get in contact with you again: I distributed all the booklets “The Father speaks to His children” that you sent me before the holidays. By the way, I must say that the more I am involved in this and the more my love for the Father (who I call Daddy in private) increases. And the more I discover His “personality”, His expectations, His hopes and His desires, by reading over and over again (almost every night before I go to sleep) the booklet, which, thanks to you, a greater number of people can read, meditate on and rejoice in it all! But, each one of us has his own destiny: the important thing is to do always and only the Will of Our beloved Father (how can He love us so much with what little we give Him! He is indeed a GOD!). C.D. – Turin

Dear Father Andrea, I usually wouldn’t ask my neighbour for something without returning the favour, but by reading your magazines I understand that you can send a copy of “The Father speaks to His children” to those who request it. I have only one copy which I am slowly letting my cellmates read, one at a time, but only those whom I can get in contact with. However, I feel a strong desire to let the others know about what little I know about our Heavenly Father: in this prison there is a special section with 20 prisoners subjected to a special regime, in complete isolation. Some of them have been there for more than two years; I pray for them and for their families. And for a couple of days I have had a strong desire to make known “The Father speaks to His children” to them too. I will give it to them through the priest who comes every Saturday, because he is the only one who can enter that section. I reciprocate with all my love towards the Almighty Father. Thank you!

I hope in God and I won’t be disappointed
My Father,
Good and merciful Father,
You are my refuge,
My hope.
When I am sad, lonely and depressed
my thoughts seek You,
and go to Your dwelling in Heaven,
in search of Your love
and Your mercy.
Only You can understand my sorrows,
Only You know how to fill my heart with Your Strength,
the Strength that sustains me
and stimulates my desire to live
in spite of all the tribulations.
Our good and merciful Father,
You are Hope,
and Hope lives in you alone-
You created it and infused it in our hearts
in union with Faith.
Thank you Father
for giving Hope to your children.
C.G. Agrigento

Dear Sirs, I am an inmate at the prison of Augusta. I have a copy of the booklet “The Father speaks to His children”. I have a lot of time on my  hands, and I want to fill it with prayer! Therefore I would be very grateful if you could be so kind as to send me the prayers and anything else Our Father dictated to Mother Eugenia. C.R. – Augusta (SR)

On the feast of the Most Holy Trinity a friend of mine gave me the picture of the Father with the booklet “The Father speaks to His children”. You can’t imagine how moved and happy I was. I have already framed it and put it in the living room, where we spend the whole day. It’s a beautiful and tender picture and it instils so much love and peace. M.F. – Sassari

My dearest Father Andrea, I am writing you with the joy of a daughter who has finally discovered and found her Father. You can’t imagine the gratitude I owe you. I am 28 and I lived in a family without God and without Love; there was only evil, lies, abuses, humiliations and deceit. I never had a father and my mother, who is too weak to defend her three children, wasn’t capable of loving us. I wasn’t loved during my infancy, but I was desperately looking for true love. I felt that everything I managed to obtain for myself with enormous sacrifices was never enough for me. I had neither Peace nor Joy, only resentment… I strayed from a God who had thunderbolts in His hands – that is what I had been taught – always ready to judge me and punish me.. I even strayed from the Church. I was very unhappy for many years. Regardless, I always hoped I could be loved by the same father who disowned me. His refusal and his contempt tore my heart to pieces. I still suffer thinking about it.
With time I returned to the fold and I embraced with joy the cross which Jesus gave me, considering it my ladder to Heaven and I bore everything, even the impossible. But something was still missing… I couldn’t define this insatiable desire of my heart. Saying “Jesus, I love You, for You anything!” wasn’t enough. At times I would timidly dare to call God the Father “Daddy”, hoping He wouldn’t get angry, or that my familiarity wouldn’t annoy Him.
And finally on 10 August (the day Sister Eugenia died) I met Him, thanks to the dear nun’s Message. I believe I was born a second time. All my hopes have been generously overcome. In the intimacy of my heart I was looking for a tender, trusting, father, full of love, with open arms and who would never reject me. Discovering who He is and realizing that He perfectly meets and goes beyond my most intimate desires.. knowing that from my childhood, when I didn’t know Him yet, He already had mercy on His little girl and for all the times when someone else rejected me, He held me lovingly close to His Heart, drying my tears and consoling my soul He called me His daughter! Discovering in Him the best of fathers; thinking that in my great worthlessness He loves me in a special way, has enchanted my heart and makes me feel like His beloved.
A great Love has grown in the depths of my existence, a Love which burns and cancels everything else, and for the first time in my life I have found true Peace and true Joy.
The bad feelings are gone, they don’t belong to me anymore, my life is full of gratitude, for the first time I feel I am a loved and desired daughter. Words cannot express what I feel; I have an increasing joy and desire to give myself to others. I desire with all my heart to give Joy to my Daddy and I never cease to speak to Him in the silence of my heart, to sing my love to Him, showing it to Him in a thousand different ways, repeating continuously: “Daddy, I love You with all my being and my strength, forever”. The need to please Him grows more and more each day. I now pray for the conversion of my family and of all sinners, and in my heart I feel: “Those who today are against you, will be with you tomorrow!”.
I am willing to spread the Father’s Message throughout the world. Please make sure to pray for me, Father Andrea. I send you my sincere love and gratitude. I embrace you in Jesus and Mary, with great joy. Our Daddy in Heaven’s last child

Dear Father Andrea, I wish to tell you about my experience in reading the book “The Father speaks to His children”. I would like to start by pointing out that throughout the years I have received many books, which I have never read, some because I didn’t realize their importance, others because of a lack of time I would put them away promising myself to read them when I was older and wouldn’t have so much work, others I would skim through, read a couple of lines, understand the message and then put away. This book was given to me by someone whose name and face I don’t remember, but at that moment I knew I would finish reading it. I am very busy and I have little time for myself, but that time was like having an appointment which I couldn’t miss otherwise I would cause someone pain. Every day after lunch I would seek refuge in my room to read a few pages, at times only a few lines, because right away there was always someone who needed me. And every time I felt disappointed having to put the book back on my night table. So during the day, whenever I could, I ran into my room to savour a bit of coolness which my soul needed. So during the night I used to read until I fell asleep. The days went by and I couldn’t manage to finish it, so I would put the book under my pillow. You are probably wondering why and I myself wondered why there was this burning thirst, this love for the words I was reading. The explanation came immediately, that book wasn’t conveying a human message to me, but was living water for my heart, it was a spring which I didn’t want to pull myself away from because it healed those wounds or sufferings which often made me feel like a stranger in a world which I wanted to love and which I belonged to anyway.
It is difficult to express in words the experience I lived, day by day, perhaps it may seem exaggerated but I assure you that’s how it was. The Father spoke to me, He was my consoler and counsellor. He strengthened my certainty that God the Father is not far away from man, but follows His children with a tenderness that no man could ever have when He says that to honour Him He only asks for a great trust. That He doesn’t expect austerity and mortifications, but He wants us to walk with Him as children, with simplicity and trust. When I finished reading the book, I read it over and over again, and it accompanied me throughout the whole summer, then I wanted to let other people read it because just as it helped me, it could help many other people too. I was sad to give it away, but now the Father was in me and I in Him, since the Father is for the son and nothing will be able to let such a great love come to an end. What I cannot express is the fact that as I read it, I felt this fundamental nourishment in my soul, I felt the immediacy of the transformation.
I can’t say the book is “beautiful”: it’s not enough. It is God who, by the hand of the simplicity and faith of a poor nun wanted to give all men the message of love. During my life I will always speak about God the Father, of His infinite love and one day everyone will know it because many will speak because God desires it. G.D. – Pescara

My dearest ones, I am honoured and profoundly grateful to the Lord for having met you. Today I went to church and found the booklet “The Father speaks to His children” which you published. I read it all with such a tenderness of heart that I immediately felt the need to write you to obtain further information through your publications. Truly I have felt the desire to become an apostle of the Father and I would like you to help me in this journey.
Forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself yet: my name is Elena, I’m twenty-two years old and I am in love with God and my conversion, which took place in 1995, although in a disguised way, led me to love the Father so much (I know, it’s so little) and, through Him, His most beloved Son and our Lord. I can remember how my heart was only aimed at a trusting dialogue with the Father, very often everything took place in the most profound silence and, among my tears, the only word I could hear in my heart was “Father”.
You know, I don’t even know why I am writing you these things but I feel the need to. I beg you to help me to serve the Father in his plan of Love, I don’t want to be deceived. I thank you in the name of our Lord and the Loving God and I offer you in my prayers to the Father’s heart by means of the tender Immaculate Heart of Mary. E.A. – Oristano

I have recently reread, with enthusiasm, “The Father speaks to His children”. In a few words it is difficult to express the idea of everything that went through my mind and heart; I only want to say that it did me a lot of good and that I wish this good to all those who haven’t read it yet. R.M. – Brescia

Dear Father Andrea D’Ascanio, last month a friend of mine gave me the booklet “The Father speaks to His children”, which was only translated from Italian this year on 7 August. What spiritual wealth! And it is a pity that the Church didn’t make these Messages of God the Father known to its faithful before! For those who read them it is a great joy to know the Heart of the Father. You have been entrusted with this beautiful apostolate and I encourage you never to grow weary of spreading it, because through it many souls will be saved. In “my own small way” I am doing something where I have the same intentions, that is, that God the Father’s desire to be “known, loved and honoured” by His children may be fulfilled as soon as possible. God works mysteriously in souls and what He is asking of us who want to take part in this apostolate is to be open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and to act when He makes us understand it. Well, Father, best wishes and may the Lord bless you and reward you in a thousand ways. Sincerely yours, C.C. Akron OH – USA

Dear Brother Andrea, a friend recently gave me a copy of the booklet “The Father speaks to His children”. I was very interested in what I read and I liked it because for more than ten years I have been teaching – through spiritual direction, sermons, exercises, retreats… - precisely what is contained in the book. This spirituality is the result of St. Theresa of Lisieux’s teachings of “spiritual childhood”, and from this the Little Family was born, which is composed of at least 250 people, and in my country they are always increasing; they try to live as little children of our beloved Heavenly Father. In this Little Family of ours we really witness how much our Heavenly Father does for each of our spiritual lives, as the Message says. How can we, Little Family, fulfil our Heavenly Father’s requests? We can be the catalyzers necessary to achieve what the Father has requested. God bless your work. P.D. – Oceanside CA USA

I thank you infinitely for having received “The Father speaks to His children”. There isn’t enough paper in the world to be able to describe what I have learnt by reading this Message. I lost all the hatred I had towards my wife who is asking for a divorce. I have finished fighting. Please send me another five copies of the Message. In a hurry, because God the Father is in a big hurry. T.S. – Brownsburg IN USA

I read “The Father speaks to His children”, I read it at the station in a big hurry because it belonged to some friends of mine: I felt peace and joy. I desire to receive a few copies of it. I have four children and I work for Rallis India LTD. On Sundays I teach religion to students; I help those who are depressed, lonely, elderly, sick and young people who are in trouble. I want to make the Father known, I want to throw a stone in a lake make the waves radiate around it. I would also like a picture of the Father: I have been looking for it for twelve years; I always imagined Him with grey hair… When I saw this picture I was happy. I would like to receive the book and the picture as soon as possible. I am counting the hours. Please, soon! I will pray to the Father for you. G.F. Ghatkopar E

I read that a woman defined you as “peace operators”. According to me, you are not only earthly peace operators, but you are above all messengers of divine love, of heavenly peace and of great joy, because you make known to us the Father’s infinite love for us. And it is precisely because of this love that Jesus came to take away from our hearts the hidden fear we have always had of Him, by restoring trust, peace, joy and serenity to us. Father, I have decided to spread the booklet “The Father speaks to His children” in my town, free of charge; for now there are two of us and we have decided to put aside, every month, a fixed amount so that soon everyone can come to know the Father’s message. Since last April we have been making ninety photocopies a month of “The Father speaks to His children”. This is the prayer we raise every day to our heavenly Father, so that His Divine Will may soon be done on earth: “Father, we offer You all the Masses that are celebrated in the world today, so that the Blood of Jesus may be the seed which sprouts in our hearts to receive Your message of love”. I thank you immensely on behalf of all those who are receiving special graces from the Father, and also for the joy you bring in our homes and in our hearts. Sincerely yours, P.C. – Siracusa

For many years I couldn’t say the Our Father; many times I would say: “Our God who is in heaven”. Now, after reading “The Father speaks to His children”, I say: “My Daddy in heaven”. And I say it with much joy and a great satisfaction. The apparition to Mother Eugenia took place for people like me. In this world there are many poor creatures like me. I pray a lot for them. Please pray for me, Rev. Father; I am a Franciscan Clarissa nun. My great desire is to love the Father so much that I need nothing else. Up to now it has been almost impossible for me. Your sister in our heavenly Father and St. Francis. Sr. L. – Yellareddy India.

I would like to request a few copies of the Eternal Father’s Message given for us to Mother Eugenia Ravasio entitled The Father speaks to His children. I only have a photocopy of this wonderful booklet. To spread our Divine Father’s message I need a second copy because a few pages in mine are ruined. With only one copy in circulation my propaganda of this devotion is very slow because it only reaches one person at a time. Please, my city is a fourth class municipality where more than 90% of the population is made up of farmers and hired fishermen who live below the poverty threshold, like us. Therefore with our meagre income we cannot finance this so blessed booklet, in order to distribute it. In spite of this great poverty, Philipino Catholics are amongst the most devoted to the Church and amongst the most united to the holy Father, just as the Polish and Portuguese are both very Marian and Eucharistic. The devotion towards the Eternal Father still has to be spread, I believe the reason is the lack of information and the fact that this devotion is not spread among the faithful. Oh, please, don’t delay! Send us pamphlets along with other material so that we can quickly spread the great revelation that the Eternal Father wants to convey to His children through Mother Eugenia. We look forward to receiving your kind reply. R.T. – The Philippines

Dear brother in Christ, greetings of peace and joy! I received your parcel with great joy. I write to you with profound gratitude. We are doing our best to spread Our Father’s messages not only among Catholics but also among non Christians. We have started chains of Rosaries and devotion to the scapular. We give our hands to our blessed Heavenly Mother to save humanity from the power of Satan, of the world and of all his snares. We pray so that your and our efforts may bring the world back to our Father so that He may send His Son to save and redeem every man for God’s kingdom. United in prayer and imploring God’s blessing on all your good and wonderful work, yours in Jesus and Mary. Sister A.K. – Hyderabad India

My dearest Father Andrea, the propagation of the message God is Father, God is our Father, fills every heart with peace and joy, because it gives us hope to live, even in such poverty. This is the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire, which every day struggles in order to survive. Thank you for all your humanitarian messages which derive from all the main messages that God is our Father and that we are all brothers. Let us pray, so that this truth may penetrate and transform everyone’s heart for a better and happier humanity. Our Lady has freed us from so much evil which was on the verge of war. God Bless. Sister A. – Mbji-Mayi Zaire

Rev. Father Andrea, I discovered “The Father speaks to His children”. This letter is to ask you for the text in Russian, including the final prayer, in order to give it to a group of children from Chernobyl, who are going to be hosted by our families in April-May. In fact, I am starting a journey of faith with them, I see that they are interested, but it’s hard to find texts in the Russian language. A new journey of faith is being accomplished for me also, and since I have been reciting the prayer “God is my Father”, I am slowly able to fulfil my plans of solidarity and overcome the obstacles. I am leaving in March, for the second time, and I am going to Russia to participate in a humanitarian convoy. Then I will move southward, to visit that wounded and lonely humanity, who is also lonely of God. I feel I must go and bring this word. That prayer gives me a strength I never knew before. U.L. – Venice


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