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Vigils in honour of God the Father

Since 1980 people have borne witness to the Love of the Father in many Italian and foreign cities with nightly prayer vigils from 9 pm of the 6th to 6 am of the 7th of each month. The intention of the vigil – carried out, if possible, with the Most Holy Sacrament solemnly exposed and with the recitation of the entire rosary – is that Father may be known, honoured and loved by everyone and that His Reign of Love may soon come, a Reign which we have been asking for in the Our Father for 2,000 years.

Jesus came into the world to reveal to us His Father and our Father, from whom everyone proceeds and to Whom everyone must return. His Holiness John Paul II expresses this concept:

From the beginning to the end this theocentric course of the life and works of Jesus is clear and univocal. It leads His own “to the Father”, creating a clear example of life which is directed towards the Father. “I have observed my Father’s commandment and I remain in His love”. And Jesus says His food is to “remain in the love of the Father” – that is, to accomplish His will: “My food is to do the will of him who sent me, that I may perfect his work” (Jn 4,34) (John Paul II – Audience 24.8.1988).

But to remain always in the will of the Father, Jesus often withdraws in prayer, especially at night: “Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer (Lk. 6,12;11,1) especially during the night, looking for suitable places for this (Mk. 1,35; Mt. 14,23; Lk. 6,12). The greatest example of this nocturnal prayer is the night of Getsemani, when Jesus faces the great “battle” and overcomes it thanks to the help the Father gives Him during His prayer.

Therefore, if we want to know the Father – and this is our main duty – we must “spend a lot of time in unceasing and deep prayer”. The Pope continues:

“In a life directed completely ‘towards the Father’, and profoundly united with Him, Jesus Christ is also an example of our prayer, of our life of mental and vocal prayer. Not only did He teach us to pray, especially in the Our Father (cf. Mt 6,9), but the example of His prayer is offered as a fundamental moment of the revelation of His connection and His union with the Father. We can say that in His prayer He confirms in a very special way that “no one knows the Father, but the Son” (cf. Mt 11,27; Lk 10,22) (John Paul II, Audience 24.8.1988).

Following the example of our Master Jesus we have also decided to spend “a lot of time in prayer, especially during the night” by making MONTHLY PRAYER VIGILS in honour of the Father, from the 6th and 7th of each month, from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Jesus “looked for suitable places” for His nightly prayer. But, for us, what place is more suitable than the church, where Jesus lives and awaits us in order to show us the Father?

Why have we chosen the night between the 6th and 7th of every month? So that men may remember that the 7th day is sacred, and may once more become the Dies Domini, the Lord’s day.

After more than twenty years of experience we can assure that it is a holy night full of Grace. The Father cannot refuse the invitation of His children who call Him together with Jesus solemnly exposed and Mary whose entire rosary is prayed during the night.

To begin this experience you must find a church and make sure a priest is present to celebrate Mass at 11.00 at night and at 5.00 in the morning. If a priest cannot be found for the two Masses, only one Mass will be celebrated. If a priest cannot even be found for one Mass, the parish priest must be asked to expose the Blessed Sacrament in the evening and put it back in the morning.



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