So that the Father may be known, honoured and loved by all men

At Fatima the Virgin invited three children to “offer themselves to the Father”, and to “console the sorrowful heart of the Father”. For us, who are used to considering God the Father as the Almighty par excellence, this is a new language which almost shocks us: we are able to accept the Son who dies on the cross, but an afflicted Father who needs to be consoled seems to be an absurd more >>



The message of the Father to Mother Eugenia Elisabeth Ravasio

“God is my Father!”: this is the cry which today is more and more frequent, man acknowledges God as Father. Therefore we feel the obligation to spread this Message which God the Father has given to the world by means of a creature who has loved Him so much, Sister Eugenia Elisabeth Ravasio. The Church has acknowledged the validity of the Message after ten years of very thorough studies.

- The Witness of the Bishop of Grenoble, H.E. Mons. Caillot, at the end of the canonical investigation which was conducted regarding Mother Eugenia. more >>

- Who is Mother Eugenia more >>

- the Message of the Father in various languages              

The translation in Japanese is being elaborated.

I desire an image which may be a tangible sign of My Presence…”

Mother Eugenia asked a renowned painter to paint the Father just as she had seen Him: long black hair, dark eyes, without a beard, with a sceptre and a crown at His feet…. more >>




«…With the last strokes of the rake, from the ground I saw a small medal bearing the image of Jesus who, after His death, returns to the Father. With that medal a new spiritual journey has begun for us… » more >>




In order to spread knowledge of the Father in Eastern countries, in which devotional sensibility is expressed by means of “icons”, the Armata Bianca commissioned Lia Galdiolo, one of the most highly rated contemporary iconographers, to translate into an icon the image of the Father just as He had revealed Himself to Mother Eugenia more >>


There are countless testimonials which we have received from all over the world on behalf of those who, after reading the Message, have finally “discovered” the tender Face of the Father  more >>

Liturgical feast in honour of God the Father

From the testimony of H.E. Mons. Caillot: «The object of the mission which was entrusted to Mother Eugenia is precise, and, from a doctrinal point of view, it is legitimate and appropriate. The specific aim: to make known and honour the Father, especially with the institution of a special feast, in a request made to the Church. The inquiry has established that a liturgical feast in honour of the Father would fit in well with the principles of the whole Catholic worship…» more >> 

Vigils in honour of God the Father

Since 1980 the Love of the Father is witnessed in many Italian and foreign cities with nightly prayer vigils from 9 pm of the 6th to 6 am of the 7th of every month, in front of the Most Holy Sacrament solemnly exposed. When possible, they begin and conclude with Holy Mass. During the vigil the entire Rosary of Mary and the Rosary of the Father is recited. The intention is that the Father may be known, honoured and loved by everyone and that His Reign of Love may soon come, a Reign which we have been asking for in the Our Father for 2,000 years. more >>

Churches built by the Armata Bianca in honour of God the Father

Ukraine Zaporoze approximately two million inhabitants, in the centre of Ukraine, it was chosen by Lenin to be the model city of the new atheist Russia: not even a little chapel dedicated to worship existed. The Armata Bianca, at the request of the Bishop of Kamyaniets – Podilsky, Mons. Jan Olzsanski and the parish priest of Zaporoze, father Jan Sobilo, took upon themselves the burden of financing the construction of a church dedicated to God the Father of Mercy to be used for both the Catholic and Orthodox rite more >>

San Pietro Della Genca (Assergi, AQ-Italia). A few members of Armat Bianca came across these ruins while walking in the mountains with their children; the little church was used as a stable, the roof was caving in and the rectory was totally destroyed. Fascinated by the beauty of the place, they decided to do something to restore the building to its dignity as the House of God. The Armata Bianca decided to contract the work. more >>

The Rosary of the Father

The rosary of the Father, in five stages, helps us to meditate on the Mercy which is “more powerful than evil, more powerful than sin and death”; it reminds us how man can and must become an instrument of the triumph of the Love of the Father, by saying “yes” to Him totally and thus becoming part of the circle of Trinitarian Love which makes him the “living glory of God”; it teaches us how to live the mystery of suffering which is a great gift, because it gives us the possibility to witness our love for the Father, to sanctify ourselves and to save our brothers and sisters. more >>

The journey towards the Father

The Sacrament of Confession
Evil, the only true evil of the world, is the sin which has taken God away from the heart of man and has condemned him to the loss of Divine Life and to progressive spiritual and physical decadence. Our Heavenly Father has loved us beyond our sins...
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