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“I desire a picture that may be a tangible sign of My Presence…”

  • The picture Mother Eugenia had painted

>> The picture Mother Eugenia had painted
>> The medal of the Most Holy Trinity
>> The icon of God the Father

In the Message given to Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio, whose authenticity is recognized by the Church, the Father makes a few requests to the Pope and to Church Authorities. The third request is that a Picture of the Father be made to be propagated as a sign of His presence. We quote the words of the message:

“I desire that the clergy bring me into all families, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, barracks, conference halls where the ministers of nations make decisions, in short, wherever My creatures are, even if there were only one of them!

I desire that the tangible sign of My invisible presence be a picture to show that I am really present. Thus, all men will carry out all their actions under their Father's gaze and I Myself will have before Me the creature that I have not only created but adopted. In this way, My children will be, as it were, under their tender Father's gaze. 

Even now I am everywhere, certainly, but I would like to be represented in a tangible way!”

Mother Eugenia asked a famous painter to paint a picture of the Father just as she had seen Him: with long black hair, dark eyes, without a beard, with a sceptre and a crown at His feet.

The fact that He didn’t have a beard caused innumerable objections in the Church and was the cause of great affliction for Mother Eugenia who had to tell the painter to touch up His face by adding a thick, black beard. Only then was the picture allowed to be spread.

The censors were put off track by traditional European painting which has always represented the Father with a “beard”, correlating it with the human idea of virility; and “old” in reference to the Son who, always according to a human scheme, should be younger than the Father. But they didn’t take into account two factors: a beard is a sign of humanity and old age can’t concern the three divine Persons who are coeternally young. In fact, Eastern iconographers portray divine Persons as being young and without a beard; may the example of Rublev’s Trinity be an example for all.

What happened to the picture Mother Eugenia had painted? At first it was placed on the altar of a church in Grenoble; it then disappeared during the terrible persecution against Mother Eugenia which led to the destruction of her writings and all the copies of the picture of the Father which she had reproduced and propagated.

We have conducted a long search in France, but all we have been able to find is the picture of an old print, which isn’t very clear and which we have placed on the front page of the Father’s Message. We asked Lia Galdiolo to convert it into an icon, and the work she has completed so remarkably is being spread, especially in Eastern countries.


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