Dearest children,
There are many books, films and web pages that talk about Fatima, but in these, what happened to the three shepherd children is narrated mainly as a nice fairy tale, far away in time, which has little to do with you and with your daily reality, and they don’t go into depth on its spiritual meaning.
Instead, the apparitions of Fatima are a marvellous reality which concerns not only Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, but all children, and especially you young readers, who must continue to live Our Mother in Heaven’s message of Love.
In fact, Our Lady, who no longer trusts in adults, turns to the “children” of all times and every nation and invites them to give themselves to Her and to pray the Rosary to resolve the most important problems in the world; so that wars and violence may end; so that all men may become good and love each other; so that universal Peace may finally come.
This book includes the literal words of the apparitions. The brief comments are aimed to get to the heart of the message of Fatima which Our Mother in Heaven has addressed to you children with clarity and realism.
Know, first of all, that Our Lady doesn’t treat you like children who only know how to play, but she wants to establish a true and profound relationship with you, just like serious adults.
To our Mother in Heaven the most important people in the world are you, it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. She turns to you because you still possess the virtues that make man worthy of esteem: innocence, faithfulness and generosity.
She comes to you and, in the greatest respect for your freedom, invites you to consecrate yourselves to our Father in Heaven, that is, to give yourselves to Him and to pray the Rosary every day for peace in the world, to convert all men and to console the Heart of God the Father which is offended by sins.
She comes to ask your help in order to establish an Era of Peace in the world, a long period of time in which men will realize their own dignity and will love each other, love God as their own Father and Creator and Mary as the sweetest of Mothers. Finally there will be only one Family, without divisions because of skin colour or different languages and cultures.
For these very important things, She comes to ask for children’s help: do you want to help her? If you are willing to say “Yes”, like the three shepherd children of Fatima, you must do two things:
1. - Consecrate yourselves to our Father in Heaven, that is, give yourselves to Him, freely and completely. To do this, you just have to tell Him, with all your heart: “Father I give myself to You!”. With this short prayer you give yourselves to Him forever, and in exchange He will promise to save humanity.
2. – Pray the Rosary every day and convince your friends to pray it. In this way you will form “Children’s Prayer Nests”, that is, groups of children who get together every day or at least once a week to pray the Rosary together, wherever possible: in church, in one of your homes, in hospitals where there are sick children, on the street, at school, during a walk, while you play…

My dearest children, by reading these pages, you will understand what we wish to tell you: Our Lady needs children who know how to love with all their heart, giving themselves to Her for the good of their brothers