On December 28, 1991, the feast of the Holy Innocents, in the town Cemetery of Aquila, a monument dedicated to “Mary Mother of the Unborn” was unveiled. This monument was placed in the area granted by the Town Administration for the burial of aborted babies.

The inscription above the statue (a faceless woman who is carrying faceless children, the work of the sculptor Magda Matteucci) reads: “To the 50 million babies in the world who each year are killed by abortion”. Unfortunately, today this should be changed to “To the 70 million…”

This initiative caused a great uproar which the organizers didn’t expect; they only intended to give a worthy burial to these children who had no one to give them an arrangement after their death. In fact, it is well-known that these so-called “abortion remnants”, after the execution, are thrown into public garbage dumps or into sewers, burnt in incinerators, or frozen and then sent to cosmetic companies to make beauty creams.