What do the children think? In various schools we asked the children to write about what they experienced in their hearts. We cite a few excerpts:

“I feel in my heart a burning flame, a joy, which reminds me every moment of Our Lady”. (G.V.)

“I asked helped from other children, to pray for all the children in the world so that they too may enter into the burning and pure Heart of Our Lady. We are now under the eyes of Our Lady and every day we must try to understand the word Consecration better”. (Rosaria D.S. – Naples)

“Dear Mother Mary, on October 13 we all came to visit you… I felt that you were smiling with joy… call me! And I will do whatever you wish!” (Daniela L. – Aquila)

“Our Lady, at this moment I renew the offering I made on October 13, by offering my whole self, so that the world may be converted and believe in You”. (Francesco D. Aquila)

“Dear Mother in Heaven… when I came to Your altar, I understood the  meaning and the reason for that visit”. (Roberta – Aquila)

“When we were praying “Our Lady I give you my heart and will for eternity”, I felt Our Lady in my heart”. (Antonietta P. – Aquila)

“For me that consecration changed something in my heart”. (Dante S. – Aquila)

“The carnation I offered You means that You have to help me and You must save the world and humanity. I will be good too and I will help You”. (Maria Beatrice R. – Aquila)

“While I was repeating aloud the words: Mother, I give You my heart and will for eternity, save humanity, an immense joy came down upon me”. (Enzo, 5th grade – Chieti)

“I gave myself to Our Lady with my whole heart and then I felt full of joy and light-hearted”. (Isa, 5th grade – Chieti)

“Dear Father Andrea, we were also invited to give ourselves to Our Lady just as Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco did. Our “yes” had to be a sincere one, otherwise, as you said, it was better not to say it at all. When in church I said my “Yes” in a loud voice, I was really happy and I understood that to belong to Our Lady was a very serious thing, and that it means helping Her to save humanity. Thanks to you, I now know how to say the Rosary. We often hear that many people steal, kill and make wars. We can save them by praying for them, with all our heart. With love,” (Pierluigi, 3rd grade – Naples)

“I was very happy to say yes and to have opened my heart to the most splendid creature. When the world lives in peace, I will be proud to remember that I had a part of it with my prayer”. (Paola L. – 5th grade – Ascoli Piceno)

“It was an important decision, which required particular thought. But later, when Father Andrea asked us, I said “Yes” with conviction and determination, making a plan of how I should conduct my life”. (Sabatino S. – 5th grade – Cosenza)

“Dear Father Andrea, “always smile” are the words I remember well and which you said that day when you were with us… At that moment I saw the world, not as a blazing fire, with terrorism and violence, but at that moment I saw the world as a sweet-smelling flower; and hope told me that perhaps, in a few years, peace will shine, but it will depend on us. Thank you, Father Andrea, for the beautiful things you told us last year”. (Alessia, Naples)

“Since the day of my consecration, my soul has risen in glory, and that ceremony was for me the greatest mission entrusted to me. Now I love Our Lady more and in my heart there is lots of love for everyone, believers and unbelievers. Every day when I say the Rosary I always try to invite a friend”. (Giovanni M. – 5th grade – Naples)

“Dear Father Andrea, my name is Carmela and I’m 8. I am very happy I gave myself to Our Lady to help her save humanity. Now I pray a lot more, I have learnt to pray better. Every day that goes by I always have more things to say, to tell Our Lady, because I feel she is closer to me. Now I always open my heart to her. I have learnt to pray the Rosary well. I want to try very hard to save many bad people, who do wrong by making the Virgin Mary suffer all the time. In my building, all the children know I have given myself to Our Lady and in the afternoon, after doing all my homework, we all get together at my friend Francesca’s house to pray. Even my mother is happy and tells me I have become a better person”. (Carmela F. – Naples)

“When I said that “Yes” I experienced a great love in my heart”. (Pamela M. – 5th grade – Cosenza)

“This morning we said our yes to Our Lady. From that moment I have felt almost important, because it was the most binding yes of my life and I felt like a priest”. (Antonio D’O. – Naples)

“The most beautiful word we can say to God is YES”. (Cinzia – Borgomanero, NO)