“Help the Church in its mission” (Speech to 10,000 children of the Armata Bianca, May 27, 1989)

"Dearest children, you belong to that special association of prayer and apostolate which is called Armata Bianca, because you are consecrated to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. You know the commitments of your association: to consecrate yourselves to God the Father and Mary, in the commitment to recite the Rosary, with the particular intention of reparation in praying for the conversion of many to the Christian message. I urge you to be faithful to this task…" more>>



“The school of Mary” (Homily at Fatima, May 13, 2000)"

This homily shows the entire accordance of our vision with the Sovereign Shepherd, even in the references to Revelation and the "Woman clothed with the sun" more>>  


“There will be apostles among the children!” (audience of August 17, 1994)

«(...) Love and Jesus’ esteem for children are a light for the Church, which imitates its founder. It can only welcome children as He welcomed them. (…) The Church urges parents and teachers to look after the formation of children in sacramental life, especially the practice of the sacrament of forgiveness and participation in the Eucharistic celebration. (…) “There will be apostles among the children.”»more >>   


“Dear children, I give you the task of prayer for peace” (Letter to the children on December 13, 1994):

«How important children are in the eyes of Jesus! (…) It’s really true: Jesus and His Mother often choose children to entrust them with great tasks for the life of the Church and humanity. (…) He waits so much for their prayer. What enormous power the prayer of children has! (…) I have decided to ask you, dear children and boys and girls, to give you the task of  prayer for peace” (....)»more>>


The children of today, new evangelizers (Angelus of Sunday, January 6, 2002)

«(…) Today the Church entrusts the task of evangelization, in a very special way, to children. (…)» more >>